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A brand new tourist season is about to start in Goa , bringing in a wave of western and indian tourists n who enjoy a kind of independence and freedom unlike anywhere in india.

The pinto guesthouse candolim is a popular holiday destination providing budget accomodation .The pinto guesthouse goa has job openings for young boys and girls also for seniors Interested may please contact for details also it will be helpful if you send your resume.

The pinto guesthouse at candolim is best viewd at its website
family run guesthouse
The pintoguesthouse at candolim is situated close to the beach and the famous sunburn music festival is held in this village.The pintoguesthousegoa is also available on website ,awebsite well known
for a rich selection of goan recipes the is a very popular website having a high SEO
The pintoguesthouse goa features on this website Goa looking foa hotel job may contact alex Pinto on tel 073509136448 for job inquiries Overseas goan associations may also contact us for matters concerning their property matters in goa for a free and independent opinion and how best to approach difficult subjets

The Pintoguesthousegoa in Candolim is a family run guesthouse and is very clean. Alex Pinto the owner of the guesthouse was friend of arct. late Lucio Miranda

Them Calangute Candolim beachbelt is developing at a fast pace.

The area is full of russian tourists

The Pintoguesthouse is centrally located in north goa

Goans settled abroad need to visit Goa to know the facilities that are now available in all fields like education communications investment opportunities mainly in tourism related fields.The pinto guesthouse goa at candolim would most willingly help any overseas Goan to establish himself in goa Call 0091735091368 in case You can also book a rooms at our guesthouse during your stay in GoatVsit our website …

make a contact with us,we will both benefit iam very sure of that Alex Pinto at

festival and travel time in goa

It is festival time in goa and the markets are busy and full of wild fruits and flowers The Hindu community celebrates Ganesh festival and most visit their ancestral homes to take part in the festivities It ismajor
festival in the state of Maharastra and Goa especially in the Konkan region Candolim Calangute in north of Goa is full of tourists taking advantage the long holiday Pinto Guesthouse welcomes all and extends warm
festival greetings to all The weather in Goa is warm and not very pleasant but is an indication that it is likely to rain There are a lot of developmental works going on in Goa \especially in Candolim calangute area
Tha PINTO GUESTHOUSE,Candolim offers budget accomodation close to the beach It is a well known address at reasonable rates

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A friendly accommodation facility with modern self contained rooms in North GOA. A guesthouse that is both a home stay and a budget hotel.
It features in many international guide books and has many satisfied guests.
Highly popular among the young crowd both students and technies and young professionals in groups
Or as couples who enjoy Goa’s night life on easily available rental bikes and scooters that cost around Rs 250 to 300
WEBSITE :- pintoguesthousegoa .com
Country code 0091
• Free parking for 2/4 wheelers
• ATMS Supermarkets veg/nonveg restaurants beach shacks nearby, water sports
Visitors to carry Govt photo IDs original and duplicate
Minimum stay 2 nights
Check in check out 12 noon (flexible)
Fridge TV Private balcony more……
Superior deluxe AC(studio)
Maximum number of persons in each room 3
CALL 09822162733 or 08322489159 FOR INSTANT BOOKING
PINTO GUEST HOUSE CANDOLIM is on the famous Calangute Candolim Baga beach area in north Goa
Families enjoy the quiet of the Pinto guesthouse with facilities of north and south Goa AC bus tours
And the popular river boat cruises where tourists Goan folk dances and typical Goan food to the accompaniment of music Guests for the tours are picked up at the Pinto guesthouse candolim
Calangute and Baga just 2 kms from the hotel is a popular shopping place
The Pinto Guesthouse at Candolim/ Calangute is a popular HOME STAY, and BUDGET hotel
With Guarantee of LOWEST PRICE in its class
Contact person
Our website is very informative


And finally goa is the midts of fear of losing its identity that started several years ago Like for example Aradi in Candolim or Moti Dongor around margao town These are names and areas occupied by migrants not only illegally but to some extent legally .Most of the migrants have are equipped with ration cards have voter IDs now Adhar cards have chilldren studying in aided schools use the transport provided by the goverment have electricity and water conections more importantly political connections. Showly the Goan is being sidelined be it on playfield or in cornering goverment contracts ,jobs at large have enough strenght in numbers to form the basis of lobbies They are everywhere.
They control the beach , the shacks , speak fluent Russian language, control the friday market in Mapuca the saturday market at Calangute has its own Fashion Street the flea markets at Anjuna ,Arpora They are also rag pickers ,scrap collectos scrap yard owners,,they are in majority in the rickshaw trade the fish traders and have a total 100%
controle home delivery of fish for the goan housewife riding the Bajaj M80 the fish trawler crew is entirely non Goan The in the mining sector , truck drivers evev bus conductors are al but Goan The predominant groups come from everywhere like West BengalUP Bihar Jharkand Orissa karnataka like the entire bakery sector is managed by people from Karwar area the poultry an chicken busines is by workers from Chatissgarh and Jharkand. There are hardly any Goans in Goa .They are either abroad or in old age homes The young breed Goans are equally ashamed of their parents OR THEIR MOTHER TONGUE and have forgotten to speak konkani Most pretend a foreign accent, and most of them though think in konkanim and speak in enghish using sentences like I WOULD LIKE TO REMOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH or WHAT I ATE OF THEM .What hurts me most is when a Goan gets his parents admitted to old age homes But OK in some cases but when visiting goa they they satay in star hotels while the parents continue in old age homes The reason most Goans known as expatriate Goans visit the home land is lay their claim on the ancestral land now that the real estate value has shot up

hello goa needs you

Goans needs more Goans to to take more active interest in Goa .Goans living in Goa  and Goans living abroad for jobs and Goans living abroad and making foreign shores their homes -are all needed in Goa , more now than  ever before .Goans need to

be aware of the happenings in Goa by regularly visiting Goa , reading Goan newspapers, and eventually settling down in Goa To achieve this they need to invest in goa buying homes shops, offices ,land  fGoa of today is well developed has good educational business and trade facilities- not only tourism and  mining .Save Goan land

Ale Pinto Candolim 403515 goa india